Friday, June 17, 2011

Kitty Brooch Project!

This week I've been bumbling around with the idea of making brooches, so I drew some, then fiddled around with some clay, and here's the end product!

If anyone wants one, I'm willing to send them a special one.

Just email me!

numair-limey (at) hotmail (dot) com

Friday, June 10, 2011

Dancing Bears!

I seem to have gained an unlikely obsession with drawing and painting bears.

If you want me to send you one, whether you want it in a hat or not, shoot me an email at numair-limey(at) hotmail (dot) com

Captain America!

This weekend I woke to find two comic books on my bedside table, courtesy of my Mum, and I love them. Captain America and The Mighty Thor. Funny, because these two movies have, and will be, on the big screen!

And I also love, that in the back of Captain America, there is this small cookie grid that you cut out and make into a flip book and the fudge stripes drip down to the bottom of the cookie!
Three day weekend!
Sorry, but being in year 12 means that I always have so much work to, but this weekend I don't have any homework so FREEDOM!
Will probably post some drawings I've done. But only if I get through 2k of my story, I'm lagging behind :)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Brigitte Dorey!

I thought I might just post my great-aunts wonderfuly awesome website for all to see!
She'd a lovely woman, German, who knows how to cook as well as create amazing pieces of crafty art. Her site is Brigart, and she also goes to a lot of markets to sell her pieces, go take a look!


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Sketching of ill-proportion

At the moment, in VCD, we're designing 2 Point towers/building for a music festival for our design brief. I chose LaneLife, and after several small sketches I've chosen this four legged building. I can almost imagine puddles or vomit and empty beer can littering the sticky cement.


Watercolour paper!

My Teacher gave me some proper watercolouring paper the other week and its only this week that I've been able to use it. And wow! What a difference it makes!

These aren't very clear images, I had to use the digital camera instead of the scanner, but it gets my point across..

I love watercolour paper!


I suppose I've only recently begun using watercolours, in the grand scheme of things. But I already love them more than any other medium. I love the colours and the texture and that you can't always know which way they'll go.

And I also very much love Melbourne Artist Dawn Tan's watercolouring!

I really like how fresh and beautiful her work is, its very inspiring :)

So I tried a little on my own, not the best, but it was going on midnight when I was doing it.

Go take a peek at Dawn's blog!